My Parents

The name of my father is Gias Uddin. He is forty –eight years old. He is a business man. He is a good person. He takes good care of his patients and love them very much. He does not scold anyone. He leads a very simple life. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He is believed in Allah and reads the Holy Quran daily. My mother is a housewife. She is a very kind, religious minded lady. She also reads the Holy Quran daily. She never tells lies. She is very hard working. She never sits idle. She cooks food for all of us. She washes our clothes and keeps the house neat and tidy. I am proud of my parents.


My First Day at School

My first day at school was interesting. I was going to school with my father in a rickshaw. We reached school after fifteen minutes. My father took me to the Headmaster’s room. He was a middle-aged, gentle and good-looking man. He asked me few questions. I answered them all. He took me to the class. I was much scared entering into the class. There were about 50 students in the class. I felt nervous. The teacher also welcomed me. Everyone in my class was very helpful and friendly. I also made friendship with one of my classmates. So, at last I was very happy. I feel pleasure and shy remembering the day.

My First Day at School

My first day at school was a memorable day for me. My father took me to school. He said good bye and left me at school gate. I went in and found that everyone had gone to class. I was very nervous then. I entered a class room that was not mine. I felt very embarrassed. I was almost in tears. The teacher of that class helped me to find out my class. I entered my classroom at last. Everyone in my class was very helpful and friendly. The teacher also welcomed me. I also made friendship with one of my classmates. So, at last I was very happy. It was a red letter day for me.

Our National Flag

Our national flag is the symbol of our independence and sovereignty. It is rectangular in size. There is a red circle in the midst of green. The ratio of the length and width of the flag is 10:6. The green in the flag is the symbol of youth while the red is the symbol of the sacrifices of the freedom fighters who laid down their lives. Our national flag represents our national identity. To show due respect and honor to our national flag is our national duty. We pay respect to it by keeping it aloft in all our offices and organizations on all working days. The national flag is kept half-mast on national mourning days. We can uphold its honor by doing our national duties properly.

A Book Fair

A fair which is organized to display and sell books is called a book fair. I visited a book fair organized on the 21st February last year. It was held on the occasion of observing the 21st February. The book fair was held in the premises of the Bangla Academy. I went to visit the fair with some of my teachers and close friends. The fair looked very grand, large and nice. I went round the fair. I saw different book stalls, a huge crowd of people. The books such as novels, rhymes, adventure series, etc. were available there. I saw the children and the students buying books according to their respective choices and tastes. I learnt many things and purchased a few books by Humayun Ahmed. I felt very excited when I was in the fair.

Sheikh Saadi and the robbers

Sheikh Saadi was going to Baghdad with a group of rich merchants. He had a bundle of books and some money with him. The merchants had their goods and a lot of money. They travelled without any problem for twelve days. On the thirteen day, a group of robbers attacked them. The robbers took away all the money and valuables of the merchants. One of the robbers caught Saadi and told him to give him what he had. Saadi gave him the bundle of books and said, “I hope you will make good use of these books”. The leader of the robbers became surprised at his word and asked him how he would make good use of the books. Saadi told him to give the books to his children and appoint a good teacher for them. Then they would tell him how sinful it is to snatch away others money. The leader became repentant and returned all the money and gave up robbery.

An honest Rickshaw Puller

Ali was a poor rickshaw puller. He would earn his bread at the cost of his honest sweat. He had no ambition of being rich or having much money. But his wife was a very greedy woman. She wanted riches at any cost. One day Ali found a heavy purse left in his rickshaw. He took it and found that there was a lot of money inside the purse. He thought that it must be dropped out from a passenger. When his wife came to learn this, she wanted to have the purse for themselves. But Ali was determined to return the purse to its owner. But he didn’t know how to find him. At last he discovered a card bearing an address and a telephone number. He called the number and found that he was on the right track. So, he met the person and handed the purse as it was. The owner thanked him very much and rewarded him accordingly.