Sheikh Saadi and the robbers

Sheikh Saadi was going to Baghdad with a group of rich merchants. He had a bundle of books and some money with him. The merchants had their goods and a lot of money. They travelled without any problem for twelve days. On the thirteen day, a group of robbers attacked them. The robbers took away all the money and valuables of the merchants. One of the robbers caught Saadi and told him to give him what he had. Saadi gave him the bundle of books and said, “I hope you will make good use of these books”. The leader of the robbers became surprised at his word and asked him how he would make good use of the books. Saadi told him to give the books to his children and appoint a good teacher for them. Then they would tell him how sinful it is to snatch away others money. The leader became repentant and returned all the money and gave up robbery.


An honest Rickshaw Puller

Ali was a poor rickshaw puller. He would earn his bread at the cost of his honest sweat. He had no ambition of being rich or having much money. But his wife was a very greedy woman. She wanted riches at any cost. One day Ali found a heavy purse left in his rickshaw. He took it and found that there was a lot of money inside the purse. He thought that it must be dropped out from a passenger. When his wife came to learn this, she wanted to have the purse for themselves. But Ali was determined to return the purse to its owner. But he didn’t know how to find him. At last he discovered a card bearing an address and a telephone number. He called the number and found that he was on the right track. So, he met the person and handed the purse as it was. The owner thanked him very much and rewarded him accordingly.

A thirsty crow

Once upon a time on a sultry day in summer, a crow felt very thirsty. It flew to and fro looking for water. But it could find no water anywhere. At last it grew so thirsty that it thought that it would die. It, however, continued its search and found a jar at some distance. At once the crow flew down to have a drink of water from the jar. But it found that there was a little water at the bottom of the jar. It thrust its beak into the jar but it could by no means reach it with its beak. It didn’t lose heart. It tried and tried to overturn the jar but failed. It was about to fly away when it saw some stones nearby. At once it hit upon a plan. It picked up the stones one by one and dropped them into the jar. When he had dropped a large number of stones, the water in the jar rose high enough for him to reach it. Now, the crow drank water to its satisfaction and quenched its thirst.

Grapes are sour

Once a fox became very hungry. He was passing through a garden in search of fruits. Soon he stole into a vineyard. He looked upward and found some ripe grapes hanging from vines. The grapes were too high for him to reach. The fox felt greedy to see the grapes. He wanted to have some of them. Thus he took run and jumped high to catch the nearest bunch of grapes. He made several attempts but all were in vain. Each time he missed the juicy grapes. At last he became tired and disappointed. He thus, consoled himself saying that he did not really mean to have these grapes. These grapes re sour indeed.

A Lion and a Mouse

One day a lion sleeping in a forest. A mouse was playing nearby. By chance it ran over the lion’s body. The lion woke up and became very angry. He caught the mouse and was about to kill it. The mouse begged for its life. It also told the lion that it would pay back his kindness someday. The lion laughed at this and out of pity let the mouse go. Some days later the lion was caught in a hunter’s net. He tried hard but could not get out. He began to roar. The mouse heard the roar of the lion. It at once came to the net and cut it with its little sharp teeth and set the lion free. The lion thanked the mouse. He realized that help may come even from the smallest friend.

Nobody believes a liar

Once there lived a cowboy in a certain village. He used to tend cows in the field near a forest. It was not far from his village. The boy was very wicked. To make fun he often cried out tiger! Tiger!. The villagers would come running to help him. Then he used to burst into laughter. At this they would return with a shock. One day at afternoon, he was grazing in the field. Suddenly he saw a tiger. He became afraid and shouted saying Tiger! again and again. But nobody came to save him. He tried to climb up a tree, but failed. The tiger attacked very swiftly and killed him. When people found his dead body, they had nothing to do. If he didn’t tell a lie, people would come running and perhaps he might avoid the danger. So we should not tell a lie even for making a fun.

Unity is Strength

Once there was an old farmer. He lived with his wife and three sons in a small village. The three sons always quarreled with one another. The farmer often advised them not to quarrel. But they did not obey him. One day the farmer called his sons to bring some sticks and tie them in a bundle. Then he first gave the bundle to his eldest son to break it. He tried but could not break it. The three sons tried one after another. But none could break it. Then their father asked them to untie the bundle and told each of his sons to take one stick. Each of the sons took one stick. Then their father asked them to break the sticks. Now they could break them easily. Then the farmer advised his sons, “Like the sticks, if you remain together, nobody can harm you but if you are separate, anybody can harm you.”