A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a small shop where tea is sold for all kinds of people. It sits beside roads or in big markets, near school, college or any public places. All kinds of people take tea in a tea stall. When people sip in tea-cups, they discuss about many things. A tea stall is a place where political discussions are made by different sorts of people. People come here to take tea. They sit here, take tea and discuss politics and different matters. A tea stall is open early in the morning and it is kept open till late night. People gather here till mid-night. So it remains open. A tea stall is always a noisy place. People come and go here all the time. They come here to take tea and have a relax. A tea stall is always busy like a public place.


Our School Library

A library is a store house of knowledge. In a library, various kinds of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. are stored. Students can read different kinds of books in a library. They can borrow books from there to read in their house. Our school has a library. It is an idle library. It is located at the second floor of the main building. I use it every day for about two hours. A librarian sits in the library. He keeps the records of books lends and receives books. Every library has some rules and regulations. The librarian guides us to choose books. There are about three thousand books in our library. It is useful for students.

Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means planting trees more and more. This is a program taken by the government to save our environment from dissertation. Trees are very useful and necessary for the environment. Trees give us oxygen without which we can’t survive. But this important aspect of our environment is destroyed by the unwise acts of the people. We should plant more trees in order to maintain a harmony between man and nature and also to save our environment. June and July are the proper time for tree plantation. Trees can be planted on the banks of ponds, rivers, on both sides of highways and railways, on the banks of dams, etc. The government and the public should work together to materialize tree plantation program. The more we plant trees the more we do good to us.

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam refers to a long line of vehicles on the road leading to serious road block. It is a common picture of the major roads of Bangladesh. It is also seen on the town or even rural roads. There are some causes behind this. Firstly, many drivers are ignorant of traffic rules while some deliberately violate traffic rules that leads to serious road block. Again, plying of various vehicles with different velocity causes traffic jam. The vehicles with high speed are sometime blocked by vehicles with less speed. Again, traffic jam is largely occurred due to thousands ofrickshaws plying on the busy roads. Besides, water clogging on the road sometimes leads to traffic jam. Finally, poor driving, reckless parking alongside pavements and unhealthy competition among drivers cause traffic jam. I feel bored at the time of traffic jam. It can be removed by maintaining traffic rules strongly as well as making drivers conscious about following these rules.

A Rickshaw Puller

A person who pulls a rickshaw for earning his livelihood is called a rickshaw puller. He is a common figure on the street. He wears very poor and simple dress. Normally, he wears a torn shirt and lungi. There is a sign of want in his face. So his appearance is not good at all. Rickshaw pullers are found in large number in towns. At present, they are found in villages too. They wait for the passengers at the bus stands, railway stations, cinema halls and at the corners of the roads. They draw the attention of the passengers by ringing bells or shouting. A rickshaw puller leads a very miserable life. He can hardly fulfil the needs of his family members. He earns his bread by the sweat of his brow. However, he does not complain about his need to anybody. So, we should not look down upon him.

My Hobby

Gardening is my favorite hobby. I have made a small flower garden in front of my reading room. I work there in my leisure and whenever I get a free moment. I have planted various flowers like rose, hasnahena, chapa, rajanigandha, etc. In the morning, I dig the earth, make the soil loose and lay out the beds in it. I also weed out the grasses and keep it clean. Every afternoon, I water the plants and take other cares. My garden is never without flowers. There are both flowers of fragrance and flowers of beauty. Among the flowers, rose is the best. Whenever I visit my garden, it fills my heart with joy and pleasure. It is a great source of joy and delight for me.

My Parents

The name of my father is Gias Uddin. He is forty –eight years old. He is a business man. He is a good person. He takes good care of his patients and love them very much. He does not scold anyone. He leads a very simple life. He believes in simple living and high thinking. He is believed in Allah and reads the Holy Quran daily. My mother is a housewife. She is a very kind, religious minded lady. She also reads the Holy Quran daily. She never tells lies. She is very hard working. She never sits idle. She cooks food for all of us. She washes our clothes and keeps the house neat and tidy. I am proud of my parents.