Tense Structure


Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition

  1.  A pious man is absorbed (a) ____meditation. He has firm faith (b) _____the Almighty. He abides (c) _____the rules of religion. He clings (d) ______ his faith. He knows that man is accountable to the Almighty (e) ________his action. So, he leads his life according to religion. He is not angry (f) _____anybody.
  2. A merchant was riding horse (a) _______a fair. He had (b)______ him a large bag (c)______ money. It rained heavily and the good man was wet (d)_______and through. He was there at dissatisfied and complained that God had given him such a bad weather (e) ______his journey. His road led him (f) ________a dense forest.
  3. Our postmaster belonged (a) _______Calcutta. He felt like a fish (h) ______water in this remote village. His office was (c) ______a dark thatched shed, not far (d) ________ a green slimy pond surrounded (e) ________all sides (f) _______a dense growth.
  4. I hope you are all right. What are you going to do (a) _______ the next autumn vacation? Please come (b) _______ my village. I invite you to pass a few days (c) ________ me in my village home. I hope you will have a jolly-good time here. My village is (d) ______ the bank of a small river which is full (e) ______ the brim (f) _____the rainy season.
  5. The Olympic Games were named (a) _______ the town of Olympia in Greece. In those days Greece was divided (b) _______ many cities. They used to fight (c) ________ themselves. A man named Iphitos was concerned (d) _______such wasteful conflict. He hit (e) _______ a plan to set up peace (f) ______ the country. His plan worked well.
  6. A good student is fond (a) ______books. He adheres (b) _______ his studies. He always tries to cut a brilliant figure (c) ________ the examination. He never deviates (d) _______his duties (e) _______ success depends (f) _______ hard work.
  7. A man accustomed (a) _______hard work, is not afraid (b) ______ any difficulties. He is worthy (c) ______praise (d) ______his hard work. He is never indifferent (e) ______success. He knows that the idle suffer (f) _____the long run.
  8. Amal is a good boy. He gets (a) ______early (b) ______the morning. He performs his duty (c) ______time. Everyday he goes (d) ______school. He listens (e) ____his teachers. He deals well (f) ______his friends.
  9. A Citizen enjoys a lot of rights (a) ______times of peace. But sometimes he has to give (b) ______some of his rights and privileges voluntarily in order (c) _______ keep the independence of his country secure. When his country is (d) _____ war his only duty is to switch (e) _______ all his efforts (f) _______ the defense of his country.
  10. The secret of success in life lies (a) ______ the proper use of time. Many of us are opt (b) _______ forget that every moment is precious. We do not know when we shall be called (c) ______ from this world by death. During this limited period we have (d)_______build (e)_______ our body and mind and apply them (f)________useful activities.