A Rickshaw Puller

A person who pulls a rickshaw for earning his livelihood is called a rickshaw puller. He is a common figure on the street. He wears very poor and simple dress. Normally, he wears a torn shirt and lungi. There is a sign of want in his face. So his appearance is not good at all. Rickshaw pullers are found in large number in towns. At present, they are found in villages too. They wait for the passengers at the bus stands, railway stations, cinema halls and at the corners of the roads. They draw the attention of the passengers by ringing bells or shouting. A rickshaw puller leads a very miserable life. He can hardly fulfil the needs of his family members. He earns his bread by the sweat of his brow. However, he does not complain about his need to anybody. So, we should not look down upon him.


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