Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition

  1.  A pious man is absorbed (a) ____meditation. He has firm faith (b) _____the Almighty. He abides (c) _____the rules of religion. He clings (d) ______ his faith. He knows that man is accountable to the Almighty (e) ________his action. So, he leads his life according to religion. He is not angry (f) _____anybody.
  2. A merchant was riding horse (a) _______a fair. He had (b)______ him a large bag (c)______ money. It rained heavily and the good man was wet (d)_______and through. He was there at dissatisfied and complained that God had given him such a bad weather (e) ______his journey. His road led him (f) ________a dense forest.
  3. Our postmaster belonged (a) _______Calcutta. He felt like a fish (h) ______water in this remote village. His office was (c) ______a dark thatched shed, not far (d) ________ a green slimy pond surrounded (e) ________all sides (f) _______a dense growth.
  4. I hope you are all right. What are you going to do (a) _______ the next autumn vacation? Please come (b) _______ my village. I invite you to pass a few days (c) ________ me in my village home. I hope you will have a jolly-good time here. My village is (d) ______ the bank of a small river which is full (e) ______ the brim (f) _____the rainy season.
  5. The Olympic Games were named (a) _______ the town of Olympia in Greece. In those days Greece was divided (b) _______ many cities. They used to fight (c) ________ themselves. A man named Iphitos was concerned (d) _______such wasteful conflict. He hit (e) _______ a plan to set up peace (f) ______ the country. His plan worked well.
  6. A good student is fond (a) ______books. He adheres (b) _______ his studies. He always tries to cut a brilliant figure (c) ________ the examination. He never deviates (d) _______his duties (e) _______ success depends (f) _______ hard work.
  7. A man accustomed (a) _______hard work, is not afraid (b) ______ any difficulties. He is worthy (c) ______praise (d) ______his hard work. He is never indifferent (e) ______success. He knows that the idle suffer (f) _____the long run.
  8. Amal is a good boy. He gets (a) ______early (b) ______the morning. He performs his duty (c) ______time. Everyday he goes (d) ______school. He listens (e) ____his teachers. He deals well (f) ______his friends.
  9. A Citizen enjoys a lot of rights (a) ______times of peace. But sometimes he has to give (b) ______some of his rights and privileges voluntarily in order (c) _______ keep the independence of his country secure. When his country is (d) _____ war his only duty is to switch (e) _______ all his efforts (f) _______ the defense of his country.
  10. The secret of success in life lies (a) ______ the proper use of time. Many of us are opt (b) _______ forget that every moment is precious. We do not know when we shall be called (c) ______ from this world by death. During this limited period we have (d)_______build (e)_______ our body and mind and apply them (f)________useful activities.

The Value of Time

Time is the most valuable thing in our life. Our life is the sum total of hours, days, months and years. Our life is short but art is long. So, to kill time is to shorten life.

Time flies very fast none can stop it. It is the most precious thing on earth. If we lose wealth or health, we can get if back but lost time can never come back. There is a proverb, “Time and tide waits for none.” Time is money. If we spend our time in vain, it will bring distress in our life. So, the value of time is very great.

Success in life depends on the proper use of time. Our life is very short. But within this short time we have to do various duties. If we leave any work for tomorrow, it may happen that it earn sufferings. All the great men of the world have used their time properly. So, they are famous in history. A man, who wastes his time idly, can never shine in life. He always behinds. He will suffer a miserable life.

The idle can not achieve anything in life. For them, life is long and time goes very slowly. They find sufficient time to waste time Idleness is the root of all evils. An idle brain is the devil’s workshop. When they are in troubles, they find none to save them from utter ruination. They do not even live long.

Proper use of time makes a man great. It is a touch stone of life. We must not defer anything. To make our life meaningful, we must make the best use of time.

A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a small shop where tea is sold for all kinds of people. It sits beside roads or in big markets, near school, college or any public places. All kinds of people take tea in a tea stall. When people sip in tea-cups, they discuss about many things. A tea stall is a place where political discussions are made by different sorts of people. People come here to take tea. They sit here, take tea and discuss politics and different matters. A tea stall is open early in the morning and it is kept open till late night. People gather here till mid-night. So it remains open. A tea stall is always a noisy place. People come and go here all the time. They come here to take tea and have a relax. A tea stall is always busy like a public place.

Our School Library

A library is a store house of knowledge. In a library, various kinds of books, magazines, newspapers, etc. are stored. Students can read different kinds of books in a library. They can borrow books from there to read in their house. Our school has a library. It is an idle library. It is located at the second floor of the main building. I use it every day for about two hours. A librarian sits in the library. He keeps the records of books lends and receives books. Every library has some rules and regulations. The librarian guides us to choose books. There are about three thousand books in our library. It is useful for students.

Tree Plantation

Tree plantation means planting trees more and more. This is a program taken by the government to save our environment from dissertation. Trees are very useful and necessary for the environment. Trees give us oxygen without which we can’t survive. But this important aspect of our environment is destroyed by the unwise acts of the people. We should plant more trees in order to maintain a harmony between man and nature and also to save our environment. June and July are the proper time for tree plantation. Trees can be planted on the banks of ponds, rivers, on both sides of highways and railways, on the banks of dams, etc. The government and the public should work together to materialize tree plantation program. The more we plant trees the more we do good to us.

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam refers to a long line of vehicles on the road leading to serious road block. It is a common picture of the major roads of Bangladesh. It is also seen on the town or even rural roads. There are some causes behind this. Firstly, many drivers are ignorant of traffic rules while some deliberately violate traffic rules that leads to serious road block. Again, plying of various vehicles with different velocity causes traffic jam. The vehicles with high speed are sometime blocked by vehicles with less speed. Again, traffic jam is largely occurred due to thousands ofrickshaws plying on the busy roads. Besides, water clogging on the road sometimes leads to traffic jam. Finally, poor driving, reckless parking alongside pavements and unhealthy competition among drivers cause traffic jam. I feel bored at the time of traffic jam. It can be removed by maintaining traffic rules strongly as well as making drivers conscious about following these rules.

A Rickshaw Puller

A person who pulls a rickshaw for earning his livelihood is called a rickshaw puller. He is a common figure on the street. He wears very poor and simple dress. Normally, he wears a torn shirt and lungi. There is a sign of want in his face. So his appearance is not good at all. Rickshaw pullers are found in large number in towns. At present, they are found in villages too. They wait for the passengers at the bus stands, railway stations, cinema halls and at the corners of the roads. They draw the attention of the passengers by ringing bells or shouting. A rickshaw puller leads a very miserable life. He can hardly fulfil the needs of his family members. He earns his bread by the sweat of his brow. However, he does not complain about his need to anybody. So, we should not look down upon him.