Sheikh Saadi and the robbers

Sheikh Saadi was going to Baghdad with a group of rich merchants. He had a bundle of books and some money with him. The merchants had their goods and a lot of money. They travelled without any problem for twelve days. On the thirteen day, a group of robbers attacked them. The robbers took away all the money and valuables of the merchants. One of the robbers caught Saadi and told him to give him what he had. Saadi gave him the bundle of books and said, “I hope you will make good use of these books”. The leader of the robbers became surprised at his word and asked him how he would make good use of the books. Saadi told him to give the books to his children and appoint a good teacher for them. Then they would tell him how sinful it is to snatch away others money. The leader became repentant and returned all the money and gave up robbery.


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