An honest Rickshaw Puller

Ali was a poor rickshaw puller. He would earn his bread at the cost of his honest sweat. He had no ambition of being rich or having much money. But his wife was a very greedy woman. She wanted riches at any cost. One day Ali found a heavy purse left in his rickshaw. He took it and found that there was a lot of money inside the purse. He thought that it must be dropped out from a passenger. When his wife came to learn this, she wanted to have the purse for themselves. But Ali was determined to return the purse to its owner. But he didn’t know how to find him. At last he discovered a card bearing an address and a telephone number. He called the number and found that he was on the right track. So, he met the person and handed the purse as it was. The owner thanked him very much and rewarded him accordingly.


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